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Academy of IRMBR Volume  7, Feburary, 2019
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Linking key Determinants of Risks Management Strategies and its Implementation on Abu Dhabi’s Municipalities
Risk management strategies (RMS) are a systematic way of assessing risk exposure within the institution. It is also a comprehensive tool and systematic mechanism to predict the likelihood and impact of events, including unexpected occurrences. The objective of this study is to examine the key determinants of RMS implementation amongst the municipalities in Abu Dhabi. This research adopted a quantitative orientation
to analyze the data obtained from the questionnaire distributed to the three main municipalities in Abu Dhabi via their Risk Management Division. The results of this study are quite encouraging as a number of variables have relationships with RMS implementation. This research have significant implications for stakeholders such as top management of public sector including internal auditors, audit committee, standard-setters or even regulatory bodies and academician in Abu Dhabi. The current study is significant as it helps shed light on the relative importance of the leadership, operating framework, governance mechanism and compliance constructs on RMS implementation in the public sector and more especially in Abu Dhabi’s municipalities. Keywords: Risk Management Strategies, Operating Framework, Compliance, Public Sector, Abu Dhabi.
Value Relevance of Accounting Information Systems: Evidence from Listed Companies in Abu Dhabi
Value relevance as a field of study has been growing rapidly and gaining attention by many scholars. Value relevance was also viewed as extent of association between accounting information systems and market value. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to investigate the value relevance of accounting information systems among listed companies in Abu Dhabi. The study also examined the value relevance of accounting information systems of listed companies in Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange where, 68 listed companies in ADSE were used as the sample of the study over the period of 6 years (2012-2017). The study used pooled OLS model to analyze the data extracted from Thompson Reuter’s online data stream. Furthermore, the study found that accounting information systems of listed companies in Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange as value relevant using the Ohlson model where, both book value of equity and earnings are positively and significantly related to market value of equity. Keywords: Value Relevance, Accounting Information Systems, Ohlson Model, ABSE.
The Role of Media in United Arab Emirates Public Policy Making
This Paper connects theories of political communication, public relations and international relations to conceptualize a new model of Public Policy, where boundaries between distinct types of actors are drawn. It proposes an ecological model and a competition model of Public Policy. Based on these conceptual models, it empirically supports the academic rationalization of governmental interference in foreign media effects among its domestic citizens: Using a quota sample of 560 survey respondent from United Arab Emirates, the empirical part of the paper illustrated: 1. Governmental control on foreign media accessibility has significant effects on perceived media credibility and thus dependency on it; 2. Availability of domestic media resource negatively impacts dependency on foreign media; and 3. Foreign media and domestic media, as currently conceptualized, have distinct effects on the psychological activeness of UAE citizen to speak out against social issues. Keywords: Public Policy, Media, United Arab Emirates, Post hoc analysis.
The Impact of Public Participation and Service Quality on the Performance of Abu Dhabis Municipalities
Municipalities in Abu Dhabi are facing many hindrances in providing service quality to the public. Among the critical factor noted is poor public participation in local government decision-making process. Therefore, this study evaluates the degree of public participation in the decision-making process in local government in Abu Dhabi. The impact of public participation on the perception of service quality in local government was also examined. In addition, this study also compares the differences in the perception of service quality between customers and local government officials. The target population consisted of local management who were working as administrative officials, and customers who received the services of the local government. More than 600 questionnaires were collected from both customers and officials of over three municipalities in Abu Dhabi. To analyses the data by using SPSS 22.0 and AMOS. The results showed that the degree of decision-making participation occurred at a high level in a goal setting process. There was a significant positive impact between public participation and the perception of service quality of the local government officials. In addition, it showed that the gap in the perception of service quality was higher for the customer group compared to that of the local government officials. Moreover, this study revealed that there were significant differences in customers’ perception of service quality between the types of municipality and the locations of the municipality. As such, in order to increase service quality, it is recommended for all types of municipalities to increase efforts to enhance public participation in their decision-making process. Keywords: Public Participation, Service Quality, Abu Dhabi, Public Sector.
Explanatory Cross-Sectional Analysis on Achievement Emotions in Mathematics Using Achievement Goal and Kolb’s Learning Style Frameworks
This research work is an explanatory cross-sectional analysis on achievement emotions in mathematics. The main objectives of the study are as follows: (1) to test whether there is a significant interaction effect between the approach-avoidance dimension of achievement goals and Kolb’s learning styles on achievement emotions in mathematics, (2) to test whether there is a significant difference in the means of achievement emotions in mathematics when grouped according to approach-avoidance dimension of achievement goals, and (3) when grouped according to Kolb’s learning styles, and (4) to provide effect-size estimates for each significance test. Three instruments were utilized in the study, namely, Achievement Goal Questionnaire (a> .761) Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory (3.1 a >.691) and Achievement Emotions Questionnaire for Mathematics (a >.713). The study utilized cluster sampling n=105, two-way ANOVA interpreted through p-values (p), and partial eta-squared np2 for effect-size estimates. Results show that there is a small interaction effect attributed to chance on all achievement emotions (p > 0.05, .05 np2 < .051) which can only be seen through careful study. Similarly, there is an average effect on enjoyment (P <  0.05 np2=.087) and pride (P < 0.05 np2=.065) carried by achievement goals, and an average effect on boredom (P <  0.05 np2=.088) and anger (P <  0.05 np2=.100) carried by Kolb’s learning styles; which implies that both effects are somewhat visible in naked eye, and evidently, not attributed to chance. Consequently, mediation and moderation analysis linking achievement goals to positive achievement-related outcome emotions, and Kolb’s learning styles to negative achievement-related activity emotions, respectively, are recommended. Keywords: Achievement Emotions, Achievement Goals, Learning Styles, Mathematics.
AVELINO G. IGNACIO JR 100-111 Download(192)
Attribute of Teachers Professional Commitment and Universal Education Phenomena in Pakistan
Teachers are the national builders of future generation, responsible to educate the children for meeting the demands of society and the world community. Their professional commitment play leading role for uplifting students’ learning. The purpose of present study was to find out effects of teachers’ professional commitment on universal primary education. The objectives of the study were (i) to explore teachers’ professional commitment (ii) to identify factors of universal primary education and (iii) to compare effects of urban and rural teachers’ professional commitment on universal primary education. Out of total population 180 teachers both from urban and rural areas were selected as sample of the study. Keeping in view the objectives of the study, research instrument (questionnaire) was developed, validated through pilot testing and administered for getting required information from female primary school teachers of the sample institutions. The reliability of the questionnaire was 0.823. It was found that 94% teachers were agreed that teachers’ professional commitment is very useful for universal primary education process. Through these commitments teachers enhance their professional morality and make teaching process good and easier for the students because teacher commitments have a great effect for the betterment of universal education. The study recommend that teachers’ professional commitment may be more useful for both teacher and students that government may provide all basic facilities in universal primary education. Keywords: Effects, Universal Primary Education, Professional Commitment, Punjab, Elementary Level.


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