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Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Monday, July 27, 2020
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Academy of IRMBR Volume  7, May, 2019
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Coping Mechanisms Strategies on Stressors of Mother –Administrators in Higher Education Institutions
This study assessed the effective coping mechanisms strategies on stressors of mother-administrators of three public and ten private Higher Education Institutions in the province of Nueva Ecija. The samples were 100 mother-administrators who perform administrative functions like that of the President, Vice President, Dean, Director and Department Heads. The descriptive method of research was used. Data from Administrative Stress Index (ASI) survey questionnaire were tallied and analyzed using frequency, weighted mean, percentage, cross-tabulation and analysis of variance. As to personal profile, majority of the motheradministrators were at the age group of 41-50, their length of service ranged from 1-8 years and majority of them were doctorate degree holders. The stress level of mother-administrators was found “low” to “mild” using the Administrative Stress Index (ADI) which was categorized such as administrative responsibility (X= 2.60) ”mild”, role expectations (x=2.39) ”low”, intrapersonal conflicts (x=2.37) “low”, interpersonal relations (x=2.35) “low” and administrative constraints (x=2.33) “low”. Most of the mother-administrators from private HEIs were stressed in preparation and allocating budgets resources (2.84) “mild”, being involved in the collective bargaining process (2.84) “mild”, attempting to meet social expectations (housing, friends, etc.) (2.84) “mild” and administering the negotiated contract (grievance, interpretations) (2.67) “mild” while, mother-administrators from public HEIs were stressed in trying to complete reports and other paperworks (2.62) described as ”mild”. Analysis of variance showed that there was no significant difference in the stress level and age with F-value (0.145806) and F-critical value (3.109311), furthermore, length of service has F-value (1.302064) and F-critical value (2.467493) and finally, educational attainment has F-value (0.027632) and F-critical value (3.090187) and the null hypothesis is accepted. The level of coping preference scale and coping factor of mother-administrators of higher education institutions revealed that the Coping Preference Scale (CPS) utilized were (35.71%) described as “often” with ranked 1, followed by (35.57%) described as “occasionally” with ranked 2, followed by (12.57%) described as “frequently” with ranked 3, next is (12.29%) described as “rarely” with ranked 4 and lastly, only (3.86%)described as “never” with ranked 5. This means that the motheradministrators of higher education institutions which uniformly reflected a rating of “often”. Keywords: Coping Preference Scale, Administrative Stress Index, Stressors.
MICHAEL C. MABALAY 195-202 Download(180)
Turning the Tables: An Autoethnography of My Patient to Nurse Journey
Recovering after traumatic surgical procedures can bring about adverse effects to the person. Despite some undesirable upshots, something good may come out of it. This evocative autoethnographic study centers on my personal transition as I move from being a patient to that of the nurse. It chronicles the shift of my point of views from episodes of denial to the eminent acceptance that utilizes narrative prose and photovoice as methods. This study has relevance because it describes the process of how an ordinary patient takes ownerships of self-improvement. The findings show that experience can take many forms which proved to demonstrate that I am just one of the many forms that could be similar or different to those who had the experience. Don’t feel defeated if you need help. Some people need help to bounce back emotionally. That's not a failure. Success involves caring for yourself and those you love enough to do whatever is necessary to rebound (Pick, 2016). Indeed, success, aside from requiring work, it does not come from oneself or others but a product of both. Recovery and being scarred for life is one of those things that need a lot of work and acceptance. Keywords: Patient, Nurse, Recovery, Surgery, Shift, Acceptance.
TEODY LESTER V. PANELA 203-220 Download(147)
Memoirs of a ‘GAY’sha: The Lived Experiences of Gay College Students
This study used phenomenological approach in exploring the life and lived experiences of gay college students in the City of Catbalogan, Province of Samar. This study also introduced a new procedure in data gathering that utilized indexing within electronic novels. Twelve (12) gay college students participated in the study. Participants met the description of a gay college student: 1) bonafide college student from any of the three tertiary schools in City of Catbalogan (Samar College, Samar State University, and St. Mary’s College of Catbalogan); 2) a biological male; 3) consider themselves as gay; and 4) willing to participate in the study. From the data analyses, three major themes emerged: (1) Unknown and Known Treatment of the Gay Community; (2) Unbelievable Positive Outlook of the Gay Community; and (3) Undying Hope for the Gay Community. The result showed that these students experienced a difficult yet an honest form of self-expression that can inspire and boost the aspiration of gay student. Keywords: Gay College Student, Experience, Outlook, Emotional Index, E-Novel.
TEODY LESTER V. PANELA 221-232 Download(165)
Determinants of Economic Diversification in the GCC Countries
This paper is designed to investigate the main determinants of economic diversification in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The data cover the six GCC countries over the period from 1995 to 2016. The model is estimated using the pooled OLS method, with fixed effects specification to detect the impact of trade, GDP per capita, FDI, tourism, industry, labor force, and oil prices on economic diversification. The empirical findings show that trade, GDP per capita, and industry are the key drivers for economic diversification in the GCC region. Keywords: Economic Diversification, GCC, Economic Growth.
AMIRA KASEM and MOHAMMAD ALAWIN 233-243 Download(138)

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