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Academy of IRMBR Volume  3, Feburary, 2015
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The Role of Corporate Culture Branding In Image Enhancement: A Study of Innovation Strategies in Institutions

Research on organisational image building point consistently to cultural branding as a factor of sustained corporate success, a large part of organisational identity is derived from internal definition of the corporation’s essential character, their observable means of leading, functioning and communicating, degree of change acceptance, day-to-day task execution, shared practices, besides forming the basis of innovation adoption. This paper focuses on the use of corporate culture branding within two corporatized public institutions, and the influence of cultural factors in Malaysia’s vibrant branding climate as a whole. Theoretical application of cultural branding literature will be reviewed and discussed. With industries, media and organisational research stakeholders giving consistent visibility to corporations that strongly emphasise on branding, several dynamic, local institutions have emerged in Malaysia that have successfully tapped the cultural dimension of corporate culture brand management. These institutions, adroitly sensing socioeconomic shifts driven by changes in national policies, along with regional and global demands for financial transparency, governance and corporate responsibility, employ a diverse and innovative range of branding strategies that bears on long term corporate sustainability. Case studies of two Malaysian institutions which have conducted rebranding exercises will be discussed. The research methodology uses critical analysis of institutional brand communication approaches to define, describe and interpret the corporate culture of each corporation and give coherence to specific cultural rituals, practices and artefacts with symbolic meanings for respective organisational members. An evaluation of the organisation’s effectiveness in corporate culture branding communication follows, and these will be mapped against respective corporate branding objectives using relevant cultural models, with the aim of finding how corporate culture branding transforms and influences consumer attitudes and perceptions of institutional brand image, besides contributing to shaping the national context of innovation development. Key Words: Branding, Institutional Brand Image, Organisational Culture, Innovation.

STEPHEN T.F. POON 36-46 Download(404)

The Impact of Customer Orientation and Supplementary Services in Gaining Competitive Advantage and Organizational Performance in the Jordanian Banking Industry

The current paper attempts to describe how customer orientation, as one resource, is not likely to be sufficient in creating a competitive advantage which, in turn, leads to better organizational performance. This study adapts the Flower of Service model by Christopher Lovelock which originally consists of eight factors of supplementary services that are specially developed to address the banking industry. It is argued that banks can enhance their competitive advantage through using additional resources such supplementary services together with customer orientation in the Jordanian banking industry. The paper reviews the theoretical background and theories leading to a number of research hypotheses. The targeted population is the branch managers in the 16 Jordanian banks. The final part of the paper presents the methodology will use and the expected conclusion. Key Words: Customer Orientation, Supplementary Services, Competitive Advantage, Organizational Performance, Jordanian Banking Industry.


An Examination of the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction on the Relationship Between Psychological Empowerment and Innovative Behavior

As a result of environmental changes and global competition, the ambition to reveal innovative employees has enhanced the interest and significance of psychological empowerment. This study investigates the mediating role of job satisfaction on the relationship between psychological empowerment and innovative behavior. Data were collected from employees working in 4 and 5 star tourism certificated hotel businesses in Nevsehir, Turkey. The findings of the research showed that there was a significant and positive relationship among psychological empowerment, job satisfaction and innovative behavior. Besides, job satisfaction partially mediated the relationship between psychological empowerment and innovative behavior. Finally, limitations and research recommendations are discussed. Key Words: Psychological Empowerment, Meaning, Competence, Impact, Self-determination, Job Satisfaction, Innovative Behavior.

AYŞE CİNGZ and ASLI KAPLAN 60-72 Download(388)

Public Relations Role of Government-Linked Companies in Green Purchase Behaviour: A Case Study on Felda Global Ventures Holding Berhad and Petroliam Nasional Berhad.

In this modern era of public relations field, green is a fundamental guideline to promote strategies and practices. Government promotes strategies to boost more environmentally sustainable consumption patterns. It is necessary for the public relations practitioners to communicate effectively in order to influence green purchase behaviour among public. The purpose of this research is to examine the role of public relations in Government-linked Companies (GLCs) in communicating information on its green initiatives and strategies towards influencing green purchase. This paper also investigates the practitioners’ perceptions on green products and the level of understanding on green purchase behaviour factors. Data were collected from ten public relations practitioners from Petroliam Nasional Berhad and Felda Global Ventures through in depth interviews on their roles in promoting green purchase behaviour. The results obtained indicate that the public relations practices of both companies have partially fulfilled the Excellence Theory Principles, which integrate the practices of communication technician and communication facilitator as their public relations roles. Thus, this study concludes that the public relations practitioners’ roles in GLCs are not effective enough to influence green purchase behaviour towards public. Key Words: Public Relations, Green Public Relations, Green Purchase Behaviour, Excellence Theory Principles, In-depth Interview.

AZIZAH WAHID and JAMILAH HJ AHMAD 73-83 Download(407)

Examining the Effects of Jabi Lake Park on Property Values in Jabi District, Abuja

The value of a property is a function of various factors amongst which are property characteristics, neighborhood characteristics, environmental characteristics, and accessibility characteristics. Of the environmental characteristics, the study examined the effects of Jabi Lake Park on property values in Jabi District, Abuja. Two sets of respondents were used in the study. While 120 questionnaires were administered on the residents of Jabi District, 29 questionnaires were administered on Estate Surveyors and Values in Abuja. Analysis was carried out using descriptive tools, relative importance index (RII) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The study found that the most important factors attracting residents to the study area are closeness to workplace and affordable rent. Residents use Jabi Lake Park for relaxation and recreation purposes. The study also found that poor management, noise from the park and cost of maintenance are the factors militating against proper functioning of the park. Albeit this, the study revealed that rental values of properties in the immediate neighborhood of the park are on continuous increase unlike properties farther from the park. To make the park more attractive for visitors and further enhance property values in the neighborhood, the management of the park should take necessary steps in removing the identified factors negating proper functioning of the park. Key Words: Abuja, Jabi District, Park and Open Spaces, Recreation, Rental Values.

AJIBOLA, M. O, OYEDELE, F. O, AYEDUN, C. A and ONI, A. S 84-95 Download(369)

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