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Academy of IRMBR Volume  2, January, 2014
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Human Rights under the New International Order

The issue of human rights is not an internal issue and of no concern to European countries and the United States, but the entire international community. And do not detract from our countries of the third world and the Arab Division. Given the new international system with all the cons are many, especially in the global balance of power imbalance and bias in favor of the Western States and the advanced industrial and especially the United States and reverse the opposite of the other party for the international budget, namely the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and developing countries, the so-called third world in General, although the world approached the Division "of the Nordic countries The South "and" rich and poor "and" global city and the global village. Within that framework, we have tried to shed some light upon the issue of human rights which is no longer a choice, but an international obligation and the need to adapt to changing requirements and international developments, and if third world countries to face challenges such as the continued extrajudicial executions, torture, arbitrary detention and disappearances and lack of recognition of the freedom of thought, belief and practice of political isolation and discrimination against women and the rights of minorities and to interfere in the personal life of citizens and are a general feature is almost common to third world systems, the majority still suffering from want and need ,sometimes to famine, and suffered from irrational use of resources and desertification as well as the growth of some manifestations of extremism and the proliferation of violence and revenge. There is a difference between a holistic view and partial view of the human rights movement. They sometimes offer individual rights and civil, political and other rights are neglected or not given due attention, while other focus on the collective rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights, while the human rights should be examined on the basis of a holistic point of view. Even we have covered the article with the links between the human rights and the new international order.
Key Word: Human rights, international order, extremism and minority rights.

Determining Job satisfaction of Non-Permanent Employees: A Case Study of Sub-Contractual Organization, Pakistan

The purpose of this paper was to determine the level of job satisfaction among the non permanent employees. What is their job satisfaction with respect to job security, work autonomy and compensation? Most of the companies in Pakistan are inclining towards the non-permanent employees as they are only paid the lump sum monthly salary and no other benefits are offered to them until they reach a certain level of expertise and become valuable for the company. Non-permanent are a sort of employees who work for the parent company but are not directly the employees of the parent company. So generally these employees are not really satisfied with their jobs. The sample size for the research study was 175 employees. Job Security, Work Motivation and Compensation have been found to have significant effect on job satisfaction of non-permanent employees.
Key Word: Job Satisfaction, Non-permanent, Compensation, Job Security, Work Motivation.

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