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Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Monday, July 27, 2020
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Academy of IRMBR Volume  8, January, 2020
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The Mediating Role of Logistics Service Capability on Chinese Logistics Performance

The Chinese logistic industry has shown remarkable potential for expansion and growth. The logistics performance should be further improved to attract new businesses from the neighboring countries. Various logistic literature demonstrated the impact of logistics service capability on logistics performance from the marketing perspective. However, the literature lacks in mediating effects of logistics service capability on logistics performance. The primary purpose of this paper is to examine a theoretical model based on the resource-based view (RBV) theory. By investigating 412 Chinese leading logistics companies, the present study attempts to provide the statistical results for a better understanding of how logistics service capability mediates the effects of logistics capabilities, inter-firm relationships and intra-firm resources on logistics performance. The implications of the study as well as the limitations of the study and future research are also discussed.
Keywords: China, Logistic, Performance, Capability, Inter-firm Relationships, Intra-firm Resources.
Destitute Geriatrics and Re-Socialization beyond Institution, A Re-analysis of Goffman’s Theory of Total Institution
The study attempted to reconnoiter the pattern of resocialization among destitute elderly of Multan, Pakistan. The purpose was to elaborate the depersonalization and re-socialization of old aged people living without institutional boundaries (in contrast to Goffman’s total institution theory 1957. This qualitative research was conducted by in-depth interviews of twelve homeless geriatrics. The data was analyzed by verbal protocol and thematic analysis. It was found that after the homeless, the old aged people were re-socialized by following depersonalization. When they became destitute, they lose previous identity, and self to cope with the surrounding environment and had successful survival at the place of residence not just within the specific boundary but even in the absence of any institution. The study recommended initiating the rehabilitation to retain their original identity by living at home setting. The study left the space for comparing the resocialization of geriatrics, living within and without institutional boundary.
Keywords: Goffman, Resocialization, Homeless Geriatrics, Total Institution.
AQSA QANDEEL and WELYNE J. JEHOM 14-27 Download(107)
The Efficiency of Higher Education in Prisons: Deanship of Community Service and continuing education Programs (Possibilities, Benefits, Hurdles and Suggestions)
The importance of this research comes from the issue of human rights in education wherever they are, whatever their circumstances. This study aimed to uncover the actual position of Saudi prisons regarding to Higher Education programs implementation which was clarified that there just (4) universities from (42) interested in this matter which means that there is a shortage, and that is incompatible with Saudi vision (2030) which states that education is the right for all citizens. The community of study consists of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University (PSAU) and Prisons General Directorate (PGD). The sample was limited to community service & continuing education deanship council members and the managers of prison in Wadi Aldawaser, who were responders for interview open-ended questions as a study tool to collect information in order to analyze them for achieving study's aims. The main answered question in this study about extension the possibility to exist as a cooperation to provide higher education programs between (PGD) and Universities in Saudi Arabia, the results uncovered that there is consensus by all members of the study sample on the possibility of this. However, there are divisions over the obstacles to the implementation of the programs of the Deanship of Community Service & Continuing Education in Prisons, the members of the Deanship Council mentioned the danger of prisoners, the budget of the university, the readiness of the halls in prisons, the official permits and the reluctance of the professors as real hurdles, while the prison directors minimized all this and considered these obstacles just excuses and repudiation. Despite of, all responders agreed with all benefits for implementation higher education in prisons, but the majority mentioned that the absolute winners are the inmates than universities so there is need to measure the outcomes of higher education in prisons continuously to avoid wastage. In the end, researcher suggested that there is necessary for conducting more studies about the outcomes of higher education programs in prisons for ensure the efficiency.
Keywords: Higher Education- Prisons- Community service & Continuing Education.
SHARE AIYED M ALDOSARI 28-36 Download(102)

An Assessment of the Needs of the Citizens from the Most Digitalized Areas of Romania – Cluj Napoca City

In order to gain a better understanding of the public life, it is imperative to search within the domain of Social Sciences and connect it with the area of Public Administration. Along with the insertion of Artificial Intelligence on the international market, many changes have occurred. The most challenging aspects seem to be the ones related to having the people understand the new phenomena, and become adapted to the requirements of the contemporary world. In order to be able to gather a clear and truthful image of the cultural and technological revolution that the society is facing, an assessment of needs should represent one of the most appropriate tools for analysis. The purpose of the present article is to present an assessment of the needs of the people living in the city of Cluj Napoca, Romania, with regard to the use of artificial intelligence in governance.
Keywords: Needs Assessment, Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization, Citizens.

Understanding the Islamic States in the Post-Modern Era

Nation states compelled Islamic world to evolve with the dynamic world and pursue the ideas and structures compatible with their universal Islam. Their perceptions regarding close collaboration within the Islamic world and outside its boundaries culminated in the establishment of OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) and other regional organizations, representing their political contemplations and philosophies. This study is an investigation of the political modernization of Islamic world in the 21st century. It is comprised of two sections. The 1st part addresses the idea of the "state" as it has generally been grown in the Islamic world. The methodology is analytical and descriptive which includes a brief analysis of the Islamic countries. The second portion of this inquiry focuses on the unconventional progressive Islamic states, their incorporeal political structures, and their apparatus of day to day government, democratic, electoral procedures, and political gatherings, for the accomplishment of Islamic textures.
Keywords: Islam, Islamic State, Khalīfah, Ummah.
SAJAD RASOOL 44-49 Download(109)

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