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Academy of IRMBR Volume  7, October, 2019
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Educational Behavior Expectations of Adults According to Academicians
This research aims to reveal the objective reality of the educational behaviors of adults in the natural environment as a whole; it is designed in a descriptive model of scanning type. Descriptive content analysis method, one of the qualitative data analysis techniques, was used in the study. The participants of the study are 184 faculty members from 12 faculties who have participated in the project voluntarily as 28 groups. The data collection tool was developed by the researcher. Data collection tool was provided to be sufficient in terms of external reliability, internal reliability, internal validity and external validity. Descriptive content analysis, one of the qualitative data analysis methods, was used for data analysis. The findings obtained from all the questions, codings, categories and themes were tabulated and interpreted. Educational behavior expectations of adults according to the academicians were revealed and analyzed in the result. In the analyzes; categorical answers related to “As an adult, which attitudes don’t you like?” question, were gathered under the themes of Communication, Importance, Right-Justice, Force, and Inadequacy in the field. Under the theme of “Communication”, “Belittling, behaving pedantically, looking down on me, insulting, trying to establish superiority, being neglected, being ignored”, “ not to be listened while speaking, not to give an opportunity to speak”, “talking rudely, defamation”, “Being treated/evaluated according to my appearance prejudicedly””, “Addressing in a harsh and commanding way”, “To be addressed anonymously, behaving too familiar with me”, “Continuous advice”, “talking loudly” were obtained as categories. Under the theme of “Importance”, “showing no respect”, “treating me as a child or I do not know anything”, “Being humiliated and being ridiculed”, “Being treated as if I was not there”, “being directed by someone”, and “insincerity” were obtained as categories. Under the theme of “Right-justice”, the categories such as “Injustice and non-fairness”, “being accused unjustly”, and “not being honest” were obtained. Under the theme of “Force”, “making me force to do something I do not want” category, and under “Inadequacy in the field” theme, “Ineligible person’s comments which are inadequate on my field” category was obtained and interpreted.
Keywords: Education, Andragogy, Teaching Staff, Expectation, Behavior.
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