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Academy of IRMBR Volume  6, July, 2018
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Self-Worth Protection Mechanism of the Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Handicapping Behavior
Self-worth protection mechanism is essential to self-regulate and proactively facilitate pre-service teachers to seek out opportunities to learn and get rid of their self-handicapping behavior. This study aimed to establish a significant link between the self-worth protection mechanism of the pre-service teachers and their self-handicapping behavior in the College of Education of Jose Rizal Memorial State University, Main Campus, Dapitan City, Philippines during the second semester, 2016–2017. Survey and correlation methods of quantitative research were used with the aid of Self-Handicapping and Self-Worth Protection Scales which were administered to 255 randomly selected pre-service teachers. Weighted mean and Spearman Rank Order Correlation Coefficient were used to treat the collected data. Results revealed that self-delusional and self-regulatory strategies as self-worth protection mechanism were much practiced by the pre-service teachers while they were highly esteemed protective and proactive self-handicappers. Moreover, pre-service teachers’ self-worth protection mechanism was negatively high and significantly correlated to their self-handicapping behavior. Finding concludes that the higher the preservice teachers practice self-worth protection mechanism, the lower they will become self-handicappers. Keywords: Self-delusional, Self-regulatory, Esteem Protective, Esteem Proactive.
CORAZON B. OCHOTORENA 308-315 Download(234)

Condition Simplification by Logic

Formal specification of software is the major concern for every software client nowadays. No organizations try to get the reliable and accurate software solutions. The one of the best way to get maximum accuracy in solutions is achieved by the techniques used for formal specification of software engineering. Propositional Logic (PL) is the one the simplest and oldest techniques with its grounds in mathematics to formally specify a program with the using of Hoare’s Triple. Propositional logic is the branch of mathematics which is being used by many of science disciplines for formal specification of real time problems. Every problem which exists can be stated in any English like language can also be transferred using propositional logic and its validity and invalidity can be checked, verified and proved using laws and logical equivalence of Propositional Logic. PL provides us verity of rules that can be applied into computer programming to formally specify a computer program and provide several mechanisms for checking their valid and proof. This paper will present a unique and different use of propositional logic, its laws, and especially the logical equivalence in the processing of Software development life cycle. We have used Pl in coding part of software for condition simplification. Conditions are the primitive and basic parts of software code and it enable to get a simplified version of complex conditions prior to code it; it will surely give us simplification of code. With the help of code examples it will be proved that how propositional logic can be used for the condition simplification, and hence reduction of code size and logic circuitry of a computer program. Keywords: Logic, Laws of Logic, Logical Equliances, AND, OR, NOT, Implifciation and Bi-conditioanl implification.

Estimating the Size of the Hidden Economy in the Jordanian Economy: A Cointegration Analysis

This study aims to estimate the size of Jordan’s hidden economy using time series data spanning the period from 1970 to 2013 by employing the Johansson approach to cointegration. Moreover, the study identifies the phenomenon in general in terms of its concept, its components, methods of measurement, and its effects on the Jordanian economy. The present study contributes to the existing literature by filling the lack of studies related to the hidden economy in Jordan. The empirical findings of the first model showed that all variables had the expected effects and were statistically significant. The study also showed that the size of the hidden economy in Jordan during the study period was about 44960.26 million Jordanian dinar (JD), which constitutes about 18% of the gross domestic product (GDP). This study also revealed that the estimated total tax evasion from the income and sales tax in 2013 was 6711.8 million JD, or 16% of the total tax revenues. Keywords: Hidden Economy, Money Supply, Tax Evasion, Jordan, Cointegration.

Influence of Education and Pattern of Daily Feeding on Treatment Adherence in People Living with HIV and AIDS.

The clinical efficacy of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in suppressing the HIV and improving survival rates for those living with HIV has been well-documented. However, despite the efficacy and the improvement in prognosis of those living with HIV/AIDS, a large proportion of individuals on ART do not achieve adequate biological suppression. In order to explore some of the socio economic factors that influence adherence, a cross-sectional study was conducted among PLHIV receiving care and treatment in University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. Participants were randomly selected from those who had been using ARV for not less than six months prior to the study. A structured questionnaire with 78 items was administered to 548 participants who met the inclusion criteria. The results revealed that people living with HIV and AIDS who possess no education or pre-secondary education would report significantly good adherence compared to those that possess post-secondary education (χ 2= 23.448: P < 0.05). The research also revealed that number of daily feeding significantly influenced adherence to treatment in people living with HIV & AIDS (χ 2= 40.026: P < 0.05). In conclusion, educational level and pattern of daily feeding have significant influence on level of adherence to treatment among PLHIV. Service providers should therefore provide more adherence support to clients with higher educational status and provision of financial support to indigent clients on ART should not be ruled out at least to meet their basic feeding needs. Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Adherence, Clinical Efficacy, Biological Suppression, Educational Level, Pattern of Daily Feeding.
ATIBIOKE, O. P, OSINOWO, H.O and TAIWO, ABIGAIL O 342-351 Download(194)

Work Family Conflict and the Relation Between Tourist Guides’ Turnover Intention

Tourist guides are people who present a country and an area to tourists, provide information about these places, spend the most time with the tourists, and represent their country best. Tough tourist guiding has advantages like discovering new places and meeting new cultures, it also contains many disadvantages. On the other hand, long and irregular work hours are one of the disadvantages of tourist guiding. It is highly probable that the motivations of the tourist guides, who are living work family conflict, are falling and they are intend to leave their work by reflecting this situation to their work. Because of these reasons, the purpose of this research is to determine the effects of work-family conflict on the decisions of the tourist guides for quitting work. In this regard, after reviewing related literature, surveys have been carried out to tourist guides to determine the effects of work-family conflict on the intentions of tourist guides to quit work. As a result of this research, woman guides have been found to have more work-family conflict than men. Also, married and young guides, and guides with a high level of education have been found to face more work-family conflict. It has been determined that the individuals with more work-family conflict have more tendency of quitting work. Keywords: Turkey, Tourism, Tour Guide, Work Family Conflict, Turnover Intention.
AYSEN ACUN and SEDA SAHIN 352-375 Download(218)

An Empirical Investigation of the Determinants of Capital Adequacy of Financial Institutions in Nigeria

Determinants of capital adequacy ratio (CAR) in the Nigeria banking subsector was carried out using a panel data of 2010 to 2016 from selected commercial banks in Nigeria. A panel data model was specify to show the relationship between Capital Adequacy Ratio and some variables likely to be the determinants of CAR. Thus, this study examines the relationship between capital adequacy ratio and firm specific (deposits, net interest margin, commercial banks branches, return on asset, inflation and exchange rate). In order to investigate these issues a quantitative method research approach was utilized, by using documentary analysis. The study used panel data functional relationship technique to analyze the data. From the study, the regression result shows a positive relationship of 1.8900 on DP and CAR. The test of hypothesis stated in chapter four and the regression results, show net interest margin with a t-value of -2.51. This however, was significant at a confidence interval of 5%. p<0.05. We thus reject the null and accept the alternative hypothesis that there is a significant relationship between net interest margin and capital adequacy ratio. The same procedure was carried out for other variables stated in the study. The implication of this result is that capital adequacy tends to depend on some of this variables. Therefore, a well-functioning banking system contribute in stabilizing inflation and exchange rate. Also a well-functioning bank encourages technological innovation by identifying and funding entrepreneurs with the best chances of successful innovation. This suggestion emerges from the idea that economic growth requires investment and for realisation of investment, capital is necessary. Keywords:Capital Adequacy, Banking, Ratio, Bank Branches.

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