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Academy of IRMBR Volume  6, June, 2018
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District Team Supervision: Improving Instructional Delivery

This study is aimed to determine the teaching performance in the instructional delivery during the District Team Supervision (DTS). This covered the period of two (2) years commencing on the School Year 2015 to 2016. The study utilized formal classroom observation tool reflecting the performance ratings of teachers for the following instructional delivery parameters such as lesson planning, teaching methods and strategies, classroom management and communication skills obtained from the observations made by the school heads, public schools district supervisors and education program supervisors who observed during the district team supervision. This study utilized a quantitative-descriptive employing documentary analysis. The findings revealed that among the five parameters during the District Team Supervision in SY 2015-2016, method and strategies and teachers’ personality obtained very satisfactorily teaching performance as compared to the DTS results conducted last 2016-2017 the lowest parameter is lesson planning obtained very satisfactory and teachers’ personality with an outstanding teaching performance. Also, it revealed the comparison between secondary and elementary that Elementary teachers need more training on methods and strategies while secondary teachers need to gain more training on lesson planning. Moreover, the study disclosed that the instructional delivery of the teacher-respondents are more better during school year 2016-2017 as compare to school year 2015-2016. Furthermore, it can be noted that there is tremendous improvement in the instructional delivery when the teachers were exposed to various teaching interventions. Keywords: District, Team, Supervision, Improvement, Intructional, Delivery.

Illegal Migrants and their Death in the Mediterranean Sea: A Case Study of Eritrea, Africa

Migration is almost as characteristic of Homo sapiens as tool making and culture building. This paper analyzes the number and percentage of deaths of illegal migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, of different six countries month wise of the year 2014 and 2015. It also describes the deaths of illegal migration by region, origin and route. The main focus has been given to analyze the percentage of illegal migration of Eritrea in terms of age and sex. The specific land route just after home country and maritime route from Libya and Tunis to cross the Mediterranean Sea heading to different European countries adopted by Eritrean illegal migrants has also been identified. Causes and push factors affecting illegally migrate from the country has been confirmed. The consequences of illegal migration in Eritrea have also been analyzed. This paper is the original outcome of secondary data and empirical study. Data have been gathered from BBC news agency, International Organization of Migration (IOM), and United Nation Human Charity Resources (UNHCR). Keywords: Migration, Illegal, Death, Route, Mediterranean Sea.
MOHAMMED EHRAR ALAM 279-287 Download(206)
A Landscape of the Current Instructional Climate of the Senior High Schools in the Philippines
The threshold of the senior high schools in the Philippines recorded issues and controversies with greater emphasis on the inadequacy of qualified and competent human resources. Discriminatory hiring policy remains the forefront of educational discussion in which non-licensed teachers and non-teacher education completers landed into the job despite the many licensed teacher education holders in a row. The study was conducted to assess the landscape of the current instructional climate of the senior high schools in Zamboanga Peninsula Region, Philippines. It employed survey with questionnaire checklist administered to 495 Grade 12 teachers. Data were treated utilizing frequency count and percent, Chi-square test, Mann-Whitney test, and Kruskal-Wallis test. It performed post hoc analysis with Bonferroni-adjusted significant level using Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test. The study revealed that, despite the many conflicts of interest, Senior High Schools in the Zamboanga Peninsula Region, Philippines still highly valued teaching and institutional development even though campus climate was valued moderately in the area. Moreover, the region depicted with reasonably valued current instructional climate with higher demands along research capacity building; literacy on statistical software, analysis, interpretation and reporting; and most importantly, the professional advancement in the teachers’ field of specialization. Thus, designing effective intervention is necessary to meet teachers where they are and monitor changes affecting teaching and learning. Likewise, to foster a greater understanding of instructional climate for individuals and group from diverse institutional contexts, it is the most important duty and the task of schools to make the entire atmosphere sound, appropriate, and adaptable. Keywords: Instructional Climate, Campus Climate, Teaching Climate, Institutional Climate.
NINFA B. PANGILINAN 288-294 Download(222)

Determination of the Opinions of Tourism Business Managers on Internship Training

This research was carried out in order to reveal the point of perspective of tourism business managers in the training of internship. Within the scope of this purpose, face-to-face interviews were held with the tourism establishment managers in Gaziantep, using semi-structured questionnaires and various data were obtained. The study was concluded by applying descriptive analysis to the obtained data. As a result of the research, in general, managers of tourism establishment stated that internship training is an important element in the development of tourism in the city of Gaziantep but they stated that the number of tourists due to the fact that the city is on Syrian border has decreased and their costs have increased and their profitability has fallen. From this point of view, they think that the trainees want to contribute to the development of their skills in tourism, but that these negative effects load an additional cost on the business. Keywords:Tourism, Internship, Tourism Establisments, Turkey/Gaziantep.
ALIYE AKIN 295-307 Download(237)

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