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Academy of IRMBR Volume  6, April, 2018
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Female Sleuths in Chick Lit : Girl Power in Maya Calica’s Undercover TaiTai and Gemma Halliday’s Killer in High Heels

The representation of women in the waves of feminism swifts into more empowered women in the era of post feminism. Chick lit as subgenre of postfeminist fiction depicts female protagonists who enjoy freedom and feminity. It is a genre that highlighted girl power. This paper analyzed the represented identity of female sleuths and the aspect of girl power portrayed in the chick lit novels of Maya Calica’s Undercover TaiTai and Gemma Halliday’s Killer in High Heels. It was found out that female protagonists represent women who are tough, wear social masquerade, amateur sleuths, and celebrate feminity to influence others. They used their individual power, beauty and sexual attractiveness power to achieve their goals in life personally and professionally. The representations of girl power in this chick lit novels give space for women to celebrate their femininity and gain their power at the same time. Keywords: Chick lit, Female sleuth, Girl power, Postfeminist.

Hollywood Evolution: A Probe from History to Current Eon

The development of motion pictures involve the diverse phases and stages. This step by step progress contains to drawing to photograph, to projected images, to sound, to color, to wide screen, to 3D and further expansion. Being an influential medium, films in the world are widely used to accomplish the commercial or state interests so as in the USA. The down heartiness and the Witch-Hunt era evidenced the leading Hollywood studio’s interests in favor of US capitalism. During the two world wars and cold war, Vietnam War and then the 9/11 changed the subtleties of Hollywood and its priorities .The Current work’s main focus is on to reveal the concise Hollywood’s evolution in special regard to the advancement and the ways Hollywood dealt with the world real issues at one place. Keywords: Hollywood, Evolution, Industry, progress, audience, movie, genre, World Wars, 9/11, Propaganda.

A Tracer Study for Graduates of Teacher Education Programs

Employability of graduates is one of the greatest challenges of an academic institution. This study aimed to determine the employability of the graduates of the Teacher Education programs of the JRMSU – Katipunan Campus from 2010 – 2014. A modified Graduate Tracer Study was utilized to gather quantitative data. Frequency counts, percentage, rank and Chi-square goodness of fit test were used to generate results from the acquired data. The findings revealed that majority of the graduates were employed with gross earnings above Php 15,000.00 per month. Moreover, there was a significant relationship between the graduates’ field of specialization and their present occupation. The results further proved that the acquired competency and skills in their pre-service training were very highly useful, relevant and developed thus giving them the confidence and competence in the field of teaching. Keywords: Employability, Competence, BSED, BEED, JRMSU-Katipunan Campus.
A Look at Achievements: Green Carlos Hilado Memorial State College Education Graduates Tracer
The study ascertained the profile of teacher education graduates and their performance in the licensure examination in relation to their academic achievement in general, professional and major courses. Survey method and documentary analysis were used in gathering and analyzing the data of 73 Bachelor of Elementary (BEED) graduates. The Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET) results were obtained from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), while their academic achievements were generated from the office of the Registrar. Frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and Pearson’s Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation were used to analyze the data generated. Findings revealed that graduates obtained a very good academic achievement level in the general education and major subjects while superior in the professional education subjects. They had an average level of performance in LET. Their academic achievement significantly predicted their performance in LET. Keywords: Teacher Education, Elementary Education, Academic Achievement, Performance, Licensure Examination.
JANET PEREZ – ESPINOSA 180-186 Download(261)

Leadership Influence of Deans in Relation to Instructor’s Competence in JRMSU System

This study which focuses on leadership influence will serve as baseline data for planning and designing appropriate strategies in all campuses especially which take care training of quality education in the country. The main purpose of this investigation is to look into the relationship between leadership influence of the academic deans and instructor’s competence in Jose Rizal Memorial State University System of Zamboanga del Norte during the school year 2014-2015. The descriptive survey method was used with the aid of a questionnaire checklist in gathering the needed data. There were 20 academic deans and 144 instructors who were the respondents and subject of the study. Mean computations, t-test and Pearson r Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation were the main tools used in treating the data. Further, it was revealed that the more influential the deans are the more competent instructors are produced. Conversely, less effective academic deans produce incompetent instructors. Generally, academic deans’ performance greatly affects the competence of instructors. Keywords: Leadership Influence, Competence.
EDWIN C. LUGO 187-195 Download(242)

Effect of Supervisory Support on Womens Career Advancement in Kenya

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of supervisory support on women’s career advancement to managerial positions in Kenya. A descriptive research design was applied. Data was collected from a sample of 400 women employees who were working in the Federation of Kenya member organizations. A total of 366completed questionnaires were returned representing a response rate of 95.1 percent. Cross tabulations, means and standard deviations were computed to determine the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. The results indicate that two supervisory dimensions which affected women’s career advancement to managerial positions were getting information about career opportunities and support on work related training. Keywords: Supervisory Support, Women, Career Advancement.
TERESIA K.K. LINGE 196-202 Download(234)

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