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Academy of IRMBR Volume  4, June, 2016
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The Correlations between Relationship Marketing, Service Quality, Brand Equity, Relationship Quality, and Organizational Performance: A case of Starbucks Taiwan

The main purpose of this study is to understand the correlations between relationship marketing, service quality, brand equity, relationship quality and organizational performance, using service quality, brand equity, and relationship quality as the mediating variables. The research subjects of this study are the managing staff of Starbucks Taiwan, front-line employees, and their existing and new customers (including prospective customers). The Convenience Sampling method is used to sample the population, while PLS-SEM is applied to verify the fitting effect of the Inner Model and Outer Model of this study. The Bayesian Estimation is adopted for an analytical test, with specific focus on the path coefficients between implicit (unobservable) variables in the structural model, to determine the structural model’s path effect. The Sobel test is applied to test the significance of the structural model’s direct effect, mediating effect and total effect. The research findings show that: (1) the relationship marketing of Starbucks Taiwan significantly impacts customers' cognitive service quality, brand equity, relationship quality, and organizational performance in a positive manner, which reveals the importance of relationship marketing to Starbucks Taiwan; and (2) relationship marketing, service quality, brand equity, relationship quality, and organizational performance are correlated, in which service quality, brand equity, and relationship quality have "mediating variable" effects. Additionally, the research results of this study may offer Starbucks Taiwan as a reference for decision-making. Key Words: Relationship Marketing, Service Quality, Brand Equity, Relationship Quality, Organizational Performance.
YUNG-CHIEH CHIEN and KENG-SHENG TING 186-204 Download(719)

Study of the Financial Impediments and its Effects on Sports Activities in Secondary Schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

The study was started with the intention to know the effect of financial impediments in Secondary schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. The main objectives of this research study were, to know the effect of financial impediments on sports activities at secondary school level and also to know the significant difference between the male and female respondents regarding the effects of financial barriers upon sports at secondary schools level. This research was based on two main research questions i.e. do financial impediments have significant effect on sports in secondary schools of K.P Pakistan? Does there is significant difference between the perception of male and female respondents regarding the effect of financial impediments on sports in secondary schools of K.P Pakistan? The researcher selected Teachers, HOI (head of the institutions), and the parents in the province of K.P Pakistan as population. There were 25 districts in the province of K.P. The researcher selected 11 districts as sample through cluster random sampling technique. The researcher selected 4 schools from each district (2 male, 2 female) by applying convenient or available sampling technique. Similarly, five teachers, one head of the institution from each school and 20 parents from each district were selected through available sampling technique. So, the total number of the sample from one district was 44 and the total number of the sample from the whole province (11 districts) was 484. For data collection the researcher used a likert type of questionnaire as tool. SPSS version 12 was used for the purpose of statistical analysis. The results show that there is a significant effect of financial impediments on sports in secondary schools level of K.P Pakistan and there is a significant difference found between the view of male and female respondents about the effect of financial impediment on sports at secondary schools. Key Words: Secondary schools, Impediments, Financial, Barriers.

Effect of Academic Stress on Student Performance

This study examined the effect of academic stress on student performance in universities in okara (Punjab), Pakistan. The participants for this study were 3 universities. Data was collected using liker scale from 200 students. These students study in M.com, MBA & BBA.SPSS software was used to analysis the data. The findings indicate that there was positive & significant relationship between dependent variable student’s performance and independent variable academic stress. The finding from the study illustrates the importance of these institutions management in future examining how academic stress has strongly effect on student’s performance. I have advice to management of universities to work on removing academic stress to improve students’ performance .I have shortage of time, and selected only management department of few universities. Future researcher should propose to increase sample size and use other variables. Key Words: Academic Stress, Student’s Performance, Gender, Environment, Poor Time Management.

Impact of Water-Pipe (Shisha) Smoking on Students of Universities

The purpose of this research study to determine the relationship of water-pipe (shisha) addiction with stress feel and taste, social networking and media, parents peers and personality with adoption of water-pipe (shisha) smoking. This research based on factors addiction of water-pipe (shisha) in Sahiwal region universities students of Pakistan. Questionnaire use as data collection instrument from respondent and convenient sampling use as a data collection tool. SPSS 20 Use for statistics analysis. The findings of this research results shows that moderate positive and significance between stress feel and taste with water-pipe (shisha) addiction, strong positive and significance relation between social networking and media with water-pipe (shisha) addiction and there is moderate positive and significance relation between parents, peer and personality with water-pipe (shisha) addiction. Practical implication of this research study for anti-smoking institute that are governmental and non-governmental agencies to stop consumption of water-pipe (shisha) smoking is dangerous effect to health. This research study implication also suggest for parents to control over their children for restrict to water-pipe (shisha) smoking. This Research paper study totally based on totally accurate working and data collection and accurate results, The Research of water-pipe (shisha) smoking concept is totally new in Sahiwal region and results and this research is very helpful for health institute and anti-smoking institute. Key Words: Water-pipe (shisha), Parents, Personality, Media, Stress, Feel and Taste, Addiction.

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