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Academy of IRMBR Volume  4, December, 2016
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Does Information Overload Influences Creativity in Organizations? A Study in Iranian Context

Due to the development of the existing information and communication technologies and exposure to a large volume of information and relations, human of today is wasting part of his/her energy and concentration whether deliberately or accidentally, and thus his/her performance and creativity have subsided as compared to the potential he/she has. In spite of the important role and positive/constructive effects of information and its contributions to development of organizations, a side effect called Information Overload has emerged. Hence, The research question is that “Is there a significant relationship between Information Overload and it‟s side effects on Creativity of organization employees?” The research framework places in the field of positivism and inductive researches. The research method is also field study, using questionnaire technique and case study strategy. This study carried out on senior managers and experts of Mammut Industrial Holding Group and according to the size of the target population, 108 samples were selected and used. The results confirmed four hypotheses and rejected the rest. In general, research results revealed that with a decrease in Information Overload, creativity of employees grows. For example, there is a significant relationship between the Information Overload, creative personality and the scope of Internet. Finally, taking into consideration of the outputs obtained from this research, some executable suggestions are provided to manage Information Overload in Organizations and in the real Environment. Key Words: Information, Information Overload, Information Overload Effects, Creativity, Employee‟s Creativity, Mammut Industrial Holding Group.

A Journey for A New Identity in A New Culture in Brick Lane by Monica Ali: A Cultural Study

The paper intends to study the identity of the Bangladeshi protagonist Nazneen in Brick Lane, using a textual analysis approach to know how she deals with an immigrant identity in her new country England, which is changeable. The subjects of life, death and loneliness are clear in Brick Lane. The novel depicts a hero who experiences and needs to manage a breakdown and can be clarified by emotional meltdowns (Nazneen's very early one). For Nazneen, the way that she is a foreigner female has imperative influence. Brick Lane is set in today's London, and can be referred to as Bildungsromane.1 Despite the fact that it may not be as obvious at the beginning, identity is a very important topic in Ali's novel the to some degree weird blend of characters face ground-breaking choices, depression and identity crisis. This character is mind boggling and fascinating with regards to the topics mentioned above, and her identity inevitably develops. The character confronts misery, and identity issue. The study examines the novel, Brick Lane in connection to identity through the subjects of life, death and loneliness. Subjects of women, destiny and adoration and joy will help to find out the identity crisis of Nazneen. Key Words: Love, Death, Marriage, Nazneen & Identity.
ASHTI ANWAR MUHAMMED 542-554 Download(349)

Portrayal of Mysticism and Modern Humans Doubt in Eliot's Four Quartets

Mysticism is a religious tradition that has existed quite a while ago in each religion, society that affects literature, and shows an immediate experience of the Divine. It has been a rich topic for poets who have since quite a while ago utilized it to add intensity and insight to their verse. A few writers have utilized certain mystical components to pass on specific viewpoints and answers concerning universal and individual issues. This papers intends to explore how T. S. Eliot uses mystical components like "paradox", "the Centre" and "Via Negativa" in his Four Quartets to recall readers of his poems of their divine value and the approach they should pursue to get redemption, and relief from the doubt of human beings, on two levels; the mystical and individual that prevailed during atrocities and anarchy of the second World War. Key Words: Mysticism, T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets, Paradox & the Mystical Centre.
ASMA J. MUHAMMAD 555-560 Download(321)

Modernist Reading of Ezra Pound, Thomas Stearns Eliot and William Carlos Williams

This study focuses on the distinguishing characteristics of poems replicating modernism in English Literature. The aim of this paper is to recognize the specific qualities of modem verse and their recognizing features in comparison to the romantic poetry. The paper concentrates on the poetry of Ezra Pound T. S. Eliot and William Carlos Williams in entirety. A reader- response- Analysis approach is used in analysing the poems, and will attempt to examine the changes that emerged as a result of modernism, highlighting the riles of these poets in this regard. Key Words: Modernism, Modernist Poetry, Romantic Poetry, Ezra Pound, Thomas Stearns Eliot & William Carlos Williams.

The Impacts of Employees Job Stress on Organizational Commitment: A Case from Okara City

The study determines the impact of job stress on organizational commitment can be done from sampling of private hospital in Okara, Pakistan. The results show that there is positive effect between job stress and organizational commitment, further more data analysis shows that affective and continuous commitment positively relate to job stress on the other hand, normative commitment has significant link with job stress. Key Words: Organizational Commitment, Affective Commitment, Continuance Commitment, Normative Commitment, Job Stress.
HAMID MEHMOOD and ZAHID ZAHOOR 575-584 Download(439)

Impact of Training on Employee Performance: A Case from Pakistan

The purpose of this study is to identify the relationship between Training and Employee performance. In this study Training is the independent variable and Employee performance is dependent variable. This study is the quantitative research. For data collection, questionnaires are used and data collection involve in the Educational sector of Pakistan. Sample size consists of 200 faculty members of the Govt. Colleges Depalpur. In this study different data analysis are used. Training has positive impact on Employee performance. It resulted that training have significant impact on employee performance. Key Words: Training, Employee Performance.
HAMID MEHMOOD and ZAHID ZAHOOR 585-595 Download(314)

Impact of Glass Ceiling on Women’s Career Development: A Case of Sahiwal & Okara City

The objective of this study is to find that glass ceiling is a barrier in women career development and influence of gender inequality, stereotyping on advancement and contribution of women in top level management. This study is based on the descriptive quantitative design. Data was collected through survey method using close ended questionnaire. The population selected for this study were female employees working at lower, middle and higher levels of selected private colleges and universities of Okara and Sahiwal. Collected data was coed into SPSS 20.0 data analysis software to apply statistical tests on data. Results showed that their positive relationship between GC and WCD. Only one hypotheses were made that was accepted. The findings of the study exposed that there are few women at the top levels of organizations. This indicates that certain factors prevent women from getting to the upper levels of organizations which signals the existence of the glass ceiling. Key Words: Glass Ceiling (GC), Women Career Development (WCD), Decision Making.
HAMID MEHMOOD and SAAD MASOOD 596-606 Download(320)

Effects of International Students’ Academic Performance with Cross Culture Adoption: A Study of Pakistani Students in Chinese Universities.

The purpose of this was study was to investigate the relationship between cross culture adoption and students’ performance. This study also examined the impact of between cross culture adoption and students’ performance. Literature review concludes that researcher have identified the relationship among variables with strong support of findings of previous studies. Theoretical framework provides strong relationship among variables with evidence of theories. Hypotheses were developed with literature evidence. Population of this research was used current students of Pakistani national who are studying in Chinese universities. This study was used stratified and sample random sampling. Survey was used to collect primary data with research instrument (five point likert scale) from students and 435 sample size was to be used. Research model was evaluated with correlation and regression and to be used to identify the relationship of variables. This study result indicates negative significant impact of between cross culture adoption on students’ performance and researcher accept hypothesis. This study provides empirical evidence for future research. Key Words: Students, Performance, Universities, Culture.
Impact of Conflict Management on Employees’ Performance: A Case of Mitchell’s Fruit Farms
The purpose of study is to examine the impact of conflict management on employee performance. In all organizations there are many conflicts between management and employees. These conflicts can be reduced up to some extent and these are cannot be totally removed because there is nothing everything is perfect in this world. Communication system is so good and the employees are satisfied within this system If these things can be improved then employees will be satisfied and then there will be increased their performance. For this study independent variable was conflict management and effective communication. And dependent variable was employee performance.in this paper Sample size use in this paper is 250. In research paper population is 200 of Mitchell’s fruit farms organization. Data is collected through Questionnaire. For data analysis SPSS software is used. Effective communication has significant impact on employee performance. Conflict management has no significant impact on employee performance. Key Words: Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Employee Performance, Employee Satisfaction.
HAMID MEHMOOD and SAAD MASOOD 619-629 Download(313)

Things Fall Apart: The Emphatic Voice of a Repressed Nation

The African postcolonial literature endeavors to portray the traumatic aftermaths of the impact of 'European colonialism' on the cultural and social structure of the African peoples. Being consciously aware of his responsibilities, Achebe tried to play his role as the spokesman for African nations .He presents a dramatized account of the colonial history by writing back against the European perspective. His aim was to present the true version of the African history from the perspective of an insider for which he depended self-consciously upon drawing from the African oral histories, myths, folktales, and proverbs. This paper examines Achebe's Things Fall Apart, which realistically uncovers the atrocities of the colonizers against one of the complex African communities, and shows how Achebe really gives the voice to the oppressed nation, and becomes their true advocate. Key Words: Colonialism, Things Fall Apart, Achebe & Oppressed Africans.
LATEF SAEED NOORI 630-638 Download(319)

Relationship between Stock Prices and Exchange Rate: Evidence from BRICS Countries

In order to determine whether there exist interdependence between stock prices and real exchange rates in the BRICS economics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), this study examines the dynamic relationship between the two by utilizing monthly data from January 2000 to Jun 2016. However, the data for South Africa is taken from April 2004 to Jun 2016. For this aim, Unit root, Johansen co-integration, Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) and Granger Causality tests are concluded to analyses the data. The result indicates that all the series are integrated of order one, I (1) when they are differenced. India represented bidirectional causality and there is unidirectional relation running from exchange rate to stock price in case of Brazil but in the case of Russia and South Africa unidirectional causality moving from stock prices to exchange rate. However, no relationship between variables was determined in China. Further, from the VECM we find negative correlation between stock price and exchange rate in BRICS countries, but the correlation was not negative in in month 1 for Russia and India; and in month 1 and 2 for China. We additionally find that there is long term co-integration relationship between the Stock prices and real exchange rate in BRICS economics. Key Words: Stock Price, Exchange Rate & BRICS Countries.

Pedagogy of English Language through Literary Texts to non-Native Learners of English Language

This study emphasizes on the use of literary texts as a key technique in pedagogy of language skills; i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking and language areas such as; vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Factors for using literary writings in foreign language classroom and main criteria for choosing suitable literary manuscripts in foreign language classes are focused on to familiarize the reader with the underlying reasons and criteria for language teachers’ using and selecting literary texts. Moreover, literature and the teaching of language skills, benefits of different genres of literature to language teaching and some problems encountered by language teachers within the area of teaching English through literature (i.e. lack of preparation in the area of literature teaching in TESL / TEFL programs, absence of obvious objectives in explaining the role of literature in ESL / EFL, language teachers’ not having the background and training in literature, lack of pedagogically-designed appropriate materials that can be used by language instructors in a classroom context) are taken into consideration. Key Words: Literature, Teaching Literature, The Teaching of Language Skills, Foreign Language Teaching & Literary Competence.
CHNARA H. KHDIHR and MARIWAN N. HASAN 652-662 Download(455)

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