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Academy of IRMBR Volume  3, August, 2015
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Spatial Analysis and GIS: A Model of Distribution of Land Use in Technological Parks. The TP Case with High Technology in “Almoloya Bicentenary, in the State of México.
This article focuses in the creation of a Model of Distribution and Land Use in the High Technology Park in Almoloya Bicentenary which concentrates in software development and TIC in the State of Mexico. This project is launched by the State’s Government and the Private Companies in order to create a space that holds Technology of Information and Communication Industries as well as High Level Centers in that field. The Model of land use was created based on the specifications of the International Association of Science Parks (IAPS) and the worldwide regulations of these concepts. The regulations and specifications considered as criteria were translated into environmental and socioeconomic variables with the main purpose of designing a Digital Cartographic Database to be used in the construction of the distribution scenery of land use when implementing spatial analysis techniques in surroundings of a Geographic Information System (ArcGis 9.3) The Exposed Model offers an alternative in the management and analysis of spatial information, in specific themes like the zoning of land use in new urban developments. Key Words: Technological Parks, GIS, Spatial Analysis, Land Use, CRCyTAB.
Violating and Flouting of the Four Gricean Cooperative Maxims in Friends the American TV Series
Pragmatics, as a vast field of study, provides us with insights on how to make communication among speakers efficient. One of the ways by which speakers can have efficient and non-problematic conversations is cooperation among them. As far as cooperation is concerned, Grice has suggested the Cooperative Maxims Principles according to which, conversations can be analyzed. The present study focuses on the instances of violation and flouting of Grice‟s maxims in the American TV series “friends” (Series 1, scene 1; the one where Monica gets a new roommate). Grice‟s maxims which are the core of cooperative principle (CP) are suggested in order to shape a better and clearer conversation. In some eccentric cases, though, the flouting of these maxims will create an effect. This effect is created in this movie series as well, and gives it an air of comedy. Among other genres, comedies have this capability to flout or violate the Gricean maxims for the creation of laughter, and also fun making. This is the reason that encouraged the researcher to select this genre. For this purpose, 4 excerpts of this TV series has been identified for a detailed analysis and description. The findings and analyses suggest that among the four maxims of quality, quantity, manner, and relevance, the one which is violated most, is the maxim of relevance, the one which is flouted the most is the maxim of quality. The amount that each character caused a flout is almost evenly distributed; except for Monica, who compared to other characters, did not very much flouted or violated the maxims and this may be due to the fact that she formed the story in the first episode and others created laughter and reacted on what she is going on to do. Key Words: Grice Maxims, Violation, Flouting, Cooperative Principle, Comedy, Friends.
The Impact of Products and Processes Innovation on Business Performance of Manufacturing SMEs in Mexico
The market globalization, the high level of competitiveness and business uncertainty in; all characterize the current 21st century, in which enterprises, primarily Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), seek to adapt its business strategies not only to increase its markets share but also to survive in an environment of economic turbulence. For this reason, today innovation is emerging as a business strategy that allows organizations to differentiate its products from its main competitors, as well as significantly improve its level of business performance. Thus, the results obtained in this research demonstrate that both innovation in products and innovation in processes have a significant positive impact on the business performance of SMEs in the State of Aguascalientes. Key Words: Products Innovation, Processes Innovation, SMEs, Performance.
A Comparative Study on the Effect of Translation Task vs. Summary Task on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners
Listening Comprehension Ability
The current study is concerned with combinatory potential of strategy use and listening comprehension in order to promote EFL learners’ listening ability development. Moreover, this study is interested in investigating the effect of translation and summary strategies on the listening comprehension of participants in terms of process and product. Therefore, a mixed method design, applying quantitative and qualitative approaches, is intended to apply to report the results of this thesis. With regard to this, three intermediate learners of English as a foreign language were selected to participate in this study, ranging in age from 18 to 22.To integration translation summary and summary strategies to listening comprehension, the researcher preferred to use the t-test in the form of pretest-instruction-posttest and oxford proficiency test to homogenize the participants within a twelve-week period. The researcher applied descriptive statistics to analyze data quantitatively and questionnaire to analyze data qualitatively. Moreover, the researcher tries to investigate that is there any difference in terms of success between those who received the translation strategy and those who received the summary strategy? The findings confirmed that applying translation and summary strategies to listening comprehension ability make a difference in the learners’ level of achievement. This study also contributed to reveal the superiority and effectiveness of translation strategy. Key Words: Translation Strategy, Summary Strategy, Listening Comprehension.

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