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Academy of IRMBR Volume  3, December, 2015
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Challenges of Senior Secondary School Orphans in the Tshwane North District, Gauteng Province, South Africa
The study investigated the difficulties experienced by orphans in selected secondary schools of the Tshwane North district of the Gauteng Province’s Department of Education in South Africa. The paper describes the challenges of the orphans due to their living conditions. There were 627 orphans. Consent was obtained from guardians of under-age orphans while those over 18 years old gave their own consent. The study involved 624 (about 99.5%) orphans of the entire group. The orphans perceived the schools they attended as good for their development. Some orphans were travelling far away from their schools to their households. In the homes many orphans stayed in congested homes and lacked privacy. Their failure and absenteeism rates, however, were not high. Many orphans showed general interest in education as they wanted to pursue higher education after completing school education. They were aware of different career paths, and showed ambitions. Some orphans indicated that they also had daily economic and psychological needs. Orphans had different personal problems. Some interventions were recommended. Key Words: Adult Roles, Defenceless, Girl Orphan, Vulnerability.
An Exploratory Study on Teaching Methods of Professional Course for Teachers from Engineering Colleges of Universities of Science and Technology
This study aims to gain an insight into the teacher’s pedagogical content knowledge and teaching implementation from engineering colleges of universities of science and technology (UST). A total of 32 domestic public and private UST with engineering colleges were investigated. Through questionnaires, the pedagogical approaches used in the teaching of professional courses engineering college teachers were surveyed. Frequency distribution was adopted to describe teachers’ choices of certain instructional approaches in practice. The χ2test for independence was then used to explore whether significant differences can be found in terms of instructional methods chosen. Findings show that “didactic instruction” was most commonly used as professional course methods by the teachers; the “drama/play” was the least commonly used. The χ2test for independence was then conducted, deriving results as follows: topic production commonly adopted in the fields of electrical / electronic engineering and design; team teaching occasionally used in those of information engineering; computer-aided instruction frequently used by mechanical, energy and civil engineering as well as architecture and design. Key Words: Engineering Education, Teaching / Instructional Methods, The Χ2test for Independence.
JEN-CHIA CHANG, YUN-HUA YANG and YI-FANG YANG 556-579 Download(446)
The Phenomenon of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace in Republic of Kosovo
The sexual harassment at the workplace is among the oldest phenomenon of the society, from the ancient times to the present. Sexual revolution of the 70's of the last century, made this phenomenon to be expand due to the fact that in the name of the sexual freedom they made many things to be imposed starting from harassment in the street up to the conditioning to offer sexual pleasures on exchange for other favors such a job or promotion, money and other forms. Today, this phenomenon is focusing more attention to sexual harassment in the workplace. Studies have shown that the sexual harassment is widespread in all cultures and in most cases is more prevalent in cultures with higher democracy then in societies in transition where there is a lack of law enforcement. Types of sexual harassment as the "Quid pro quo" and the other type such creating a bad atmosphere in fact, have produced other forms of sexual harassment both verbal and non-verbal as well as physical ones. These forms of sexual harassment have been derived as a result of many factors; among them we can mention the factor of socio - economic development. As a result of bas socio-economic situation, especially when talking about females, we can mention that often they are urged to offer sexual favors in exchange for a job or promotion at work. However, there are so many the consequences of sexual harassment mostly of psychological and social nature. In general, sexual harassment is one of the forms which is contradiction with the sexual freedom of the individual and as such violates the moral and physical integrity of the individual and it does represent violation of human rights. Kosovo is among the countries where sexual harassment is still present. This phenomenon has shown an increase in number in the recent years, but at the same time also the awareness of the society has shown a raise d the awareness of society to denounce such cases to the authorities responsible for gender issues. This study, through the use of analytical, comparative and observational methods has aimed to do a research on the spread of sexual harassment at the workplace in Kosovo, about the types of harassment, causes and consequences of sexual harassment and finally to come up with some recommendations. Key Words: Sexual Harassment, Workplace, Public Sector, Private Sector, Causes, Consequences.
FERDI KAMBERI and BESIM GOLLOPENI 580-592 Download(711)
Information Resource Sharing Among Selected Academic Libraries in South-West, Nigeria
Information resource sharing in the library setting means making available to other libraries what they could not provide in terms of human and material resources. Therefore, this paper reviews work on awareness creation in the minds of these selected University libraries (FUTA, UNAD and JABU), all in the South-West, Nigeria. Considering the dwindling government’s budget as well as the cost of foreign exchange in buying library materials, also, that, most libraries have transit from print age to paperless and with internet services all over, recommendations in making the networking easier to access with different solutions have been suggested to tackle the problems that might have arisen such as creating the Union catalogue, the inter library lending services, the preparation of bibliography as well as establishing the bandwidth consortia to cut down the prices of materials through economies of scale. Key Words: Information, Resource Sharing, Academic, Libraries. Nigeria.

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