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Academy of IRMBR Volume  3, November, 2015
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Comparison of the Effects of Oral and Written Communication on the Performance of Cooperative Tasks
In this paper, a study was made in order to compare the effects of oral and written communication on the performance of cooperative tasks. Also, it was evaluated if there were differences in the type of participants‟ verbal interactions (directive vs. non-directive) due to the form of communication allowed and its effect in the task performance. Sixteen undergraduate students assembled tridimensional figures in two computers connected via Internet. Participants were randomly assigned in two groups exposed to an inverted sequence of two experimental conditions during the task solution: with the possibility of oral or written communication. Results showed similar efficient rates when the participants were exposed to oral or written communication. About directive and non-directive interactions it was observed that in almost all dyads one of the participants showed more directive verbal interventions than his/her peer, regardless of the mode of communication used in the experimental session. Results are discussed in terms of the morphology vs. the function of the stipulated modes of communication. Key Words: Cooperation, Oral Communication, Written Communication, Communication Effect, Social Behavior.
Collaboration of SMEs in Aguascalientes Region: An Alternative to Reduce SMEs Costs
Today collaboration management is consider in the literature of administration sciences as one of the most important business strategies implemented in companies, essentially in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to gain and to increment competitive advantages and to integrate personnel as well as its functional areas and departments of the company. Similarly, collaboration between companies not only is a synonym of information interchange, but also a communication of best practices, sharing of risks and generation of knowledge. Then, the main objective of this research is to understand the effects of collaboration activities on costs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), considering for this study a sample of 346 companies operating in Aguascalientes region in Mexico. The obtained results show that collaboration activities have positive and significant effects on SMEs costs. Key Words: Collaboration, Costs, SMEs.
The Acquisition of the English Plural Morpheme and the Regular Past Tense Morpheme by Arabic-Speaking Students in Jordan
This research paper analysis the results taken from 120 female Arabic- speaking students, of the eighth and eleventh grades of both Retaal International Academy and Islamic Educational College in Amman- Jordan. They were presented to randomized lists of 15 nonsense nouns and 15 nonsense verbs designed to elicit their acquisition of the plural marking and the regular past tense morpheme in English. The results showed that the eleventh graders are advanced to some extent from the eighth graders in the acquisition of the English plural morpheme. Both classes have approximately similar results regarding the acquisition of the regular past tense morpheme. Key Words: Arabic Speaking, Past Tense, Students, Jordan.
REDAB AL-JANAIDEH and RADWAN MAHADIN 510-532 Download(670)

The Afterlife of God

Sacred concepts are portable across other metaphysical barriers by virtue of their adherence to the aura of the sacred itself. The concept of godhead has survived mode of production shifts as well as alteration in their attendant symbolic systems. Though we structurally inhabit a worldview that is anti-transcendental, it is well known that as a subjectivity the idea of god remains dynamic. God is both dead and yet continues to exist. This paper explores the implications of such a duality containing both the residuum of faith and the perhaps both bleaker and yet liberating knowledge that the gods and those like them are merely historical artifacts. It is the ‘artefactual’ nature of what species of the sacred may be said to be still living in our own time that is of the utmost interest, for genuine culture rests not only upon its structures and institutions, but as well upon people’s beliefs, which may or may not be accounted for by official political, historical, or scientific discourses. Inasmuch as these beliefs may collide with the ‘facts’, we may forward a plausible explanation for much of the conflict in today’s world. Key Words: Afterlife, God, Metaphysics, Nietzsche, Weber, Anti-Transcendentalism.
Dr. G.V. LOEWEN 533-542 Download(418)

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