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Academy of IRMBR Volume  2, Feburary, 2014
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Arab Spring and the Future Prospects (The Syrian Crisis)
The current Arab situation says that the Arab spring came as a reaction to the recession in the political, economical and social systems in the Arab World. The future of the Arab spring is certainly not easy, people will face obstacles in their ways, but they will overcome them, making their future, because tyranny is the cause of economic and social injustice and corruption In this historical moment which is experienced by the region, and the winds of change ridden is extending to affect the countries and regions they think they are safe from the change, far from the flames of public anger, it was necessary to listen to a number of experts to find out their opinions and expectations of what is passing through the region of the interactions and radical political changes. The Syrian regime tried to confirm the acceptance of political solution to the crisis, not only in terms of the "Geneva Agreement", but also through its participation in the Conference to be held in Geneva for peace talks. Assad stressed in his remarks to the Chinese channel: "Damascus has supported from the outset the Geneva initiative and build hopes on the Conference to be held due to its the belief that political action is the only way to solve the major problems", adding that "the success of the Geneva Conference or any political action requires different factors and environmental conditions for success", noting that "the first factor for the success of the Geneva Conference is to stop acts of terrorism and stopping the entry of terrorists from outside Syria, as well as to stop supplying terrorists with weapons and money. "If we have not done so, any political action will be an illusion. The West probably became upset to deal with different political ideologies in the Arab world .they want to deal with a single power limited and controlled by political and economic relations. Here we note that the sudden change in political attitudes in the United States towards Iran is uncertain, as the regime in Syria to comply with Iran's choice and consent within a short time to change the entire equation by agreeing to destroy its military strategic deterrent force for promoting not only a Syrian national security but to Arab national security.
Key Word: Arab spring, Geneva Conference, Syrian national security.
Perceived and Preferred Leadership Behavior of Nurse Managers at the Unit Level in the Greater Accra Region: A Mixed Method Approach
A descriptive explorative mixed method approach was used to explore the perception and preferred leadership behaviour of nurse managers among nurses and nurse managers in the unit. The manager’s style can be fundamental for subordinates’ acceptance of change and in motivating them to achieve stated visions and goals and high quality of care. Nurse managers exhibit variable leadership behaviour but more inclined towards transformational leadership behaviour. Intimidation although present, its usage is not popular as relationship between nurses and nurse managers was that of a mother-daughter or father-son relationship. Creating a stimulating environment generates both staff and client satisfaction. There was contradictory evaluation of leadership instincts by the two groups whereas, nurse managers believed themselves to be assertive, proactive, etc., the nurses perceived nurse managers to be timid and lacked confidence in dealing with other professional groups. Nurses would prefer their leaders to be proactive, assertive, knowledgeable, insightful, tolerant, good listener and respected by all. Essential to the nurses is also mentoring by nurse managers. It is therefore significant that nurse managers are adequately prepared for this challenging and dynamic position of a nurse manager.
Key Word: Perceived leadership behavior, Nurse Managers, Unit Level, Greater Accra Region and mixed approach method.

Task Performance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) as Predictors of Career Satisfaction

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between Task Performance and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) to teachers’ Career Satisfaction. This study has utilized the dyadic approach. Therefore, two sets of questionnaire were designed in this study (e.g. Teachers Survey Set and Management Survey Set). Data on teachers’ career satisfaction, teachers’ task performance and teachers’ OCB were obtained from teachers’ perspective through Teachers Survey Set. At the same time, data on the teachers’ task performance and teachers’ OCB were obtained from the perspectives of Headmaster/Senior Assistant through the Management Survey Set. The data was gathered through mail survey method from 390 paired respondents. The results show that self-ratings of teachers’ task performance and superior-ratings of teachers’ OCB are significantly related to teachers’ career satisfaction. The findings of this study have contributed to current knowledge of Career Advancement (CA) from job performance perspective (e.g. task performance, OCB). The results of this study may help school’s management to improve the organizational career planning and also can help individuals to manage their careers.
Key Word: Career satisfaction, task performance, organizational citizenship behavior.

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