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Wednesday, July 26, 2023
IRSS Volume 11, Issue 3 has been published.
Wednesday, July 26, 2023
IRSS Volume 11 Issue 4 will publish in October-December (Quarter IV) 2023.
Saturday, March 25, 2023
IRSS Published on Quarterly basis from Volume 11 2023.
Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Monday, July 27, 2020
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Academy of IRMBR Volume  11, July, 2023
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Investigating Teacher Professional Development and its Importance in EFL Classes
The current Study aimed at investigating ways to improve EFL teachers’ professional development. The study was to deal with the importance of professional development as a key to the success of teaching and learning process. The study represents an answer to dissatisfaction with current teaching environment, which suffers a lot (some EFL teachers and educational organizations do not care about professional development). Following descriptive analytical approach, the researchers used a questionnaire according to the questions and hypotheses. The final adjusted version was administered to the target sample. Data was collected, organized, tabulated, analyzed and discussed This study aimed to investigate teachers professional development at secondary level, in this study theories and principles which provide the basis for teacher development and effective teacher professional practices are used to formulate the theoretical framework. The respondents in this study are teachers, experts in teacher training. The study explains the finding and sets up many recommendations.
Keywords: Professional Development, Performance Competence, Students, Achievement Attitude.
Theories of Policy Process: Content Analysis of Green Partys Social and Economic Policy
This article summarizes the main theories of policy process, the open systems approach, the institutional rational choice, the policy streams theory and the advocate coalition framework. Through literature analysis to get the key elements of the policy process, they are actors, groups, institutions, behavior and agenda. Then it used these five elements to conduct a content analysis of the social and economic policies of the German Green Party. It has analyzed the behavior in the policy process through the Green Party’s policy propositions and policy actions on social and economic policies. Two goals have been achieved. First, it tests the validity of the five elements, although the five elements need to be explained more clearly. Second, it demonstrates the pragmatism and cooperation in the promotion of the Green Party policy in the policy process. This article suggests that future scholars can choose one of the theories based on five elements for in-depth analysis of other policies. Such collocation analysis is clear for the policy process of specific policy.
Keywords: Policy Process, Common Key Elements, The Open Systems Theory, Advocacy Coalition Framework, the Policy of Green Party, Policy Content.
ARUHAN GUO 21-34 Details (40)

Suicide Phenomenon: The Filipino Social Media Reaction

It is essential to discover how Filipino Facebook users respond to suicide postings. In this study, relevant comments were culled from nine Facebook postings about suicide fatalities and then subjected to thematic analysis using the qualitative data analysis software NVIVO 12. Three themes were generated: positive reaction, negative reaction and, suicide experience. There were 639 comments obtained from these posts, and it was found that 511 (80%) of the comments were made by women, while 129 (20%) were made by men. The results show that the Filipino mind always seeks new social opportunities. Filipinos' reactions to suicide tragedy range from reassurance to active online or offline participation. Suicide victims and their loved ones are compassionately seen in Filipino Culture.
Keywords: Suicide, Suicide Phenomenon, Social Media, Facebook, Filipino Reaction, Online Reaction.
The Validity of SUAST Scores and High School Grade Average in Predicting Academic Performance in DORSU
The aim of this study was to assess how effective the State University Admission and Scholarship Test (SUAST) scores and high school grade average (HSGA) are in predicting academic achievement in college, as measured by the Grade Weighted Average (GWA). The performance of 2,112 first-time freshmen at Davao Oriental State University (DORSU) was analyzed, taking into account their program of study, gender, and type of school. The results revealed that both HSGA and SUAST scores were found to be reliable predictors of academic performance among college freshmen at DORSU. Interestingly, female students outperformed male students in both SUAST scores and high school grades. Additionally, graduates from private schools achieved significantly higher SUAST scores compared to those from public schools. These findings suggest that incorporating both HSGA and SUAST scores in admissions decisions can lead to more informed choices while optimizing the university's resources. By taking into account multiple indicators like these, universities like DORSU can enhance their selection process and identify students with greater potential for academic success. Ultimately, these results contribute to improving the overall effectiveness of admissions strategies while promoting equal opportunities for all students.
Keywords: Validity, Academic Performance, SUAST Scores, High School Grade Average.
A Destruction or Restoration? Indigenous Film Productions and the Video Film Industry of Ghana
Over the years, independent Ghanaian filmmakers, who are often classified as “amateurs” have often come under a barrage of criticism from film critics, scholars, and audience for stunting the growth of the Ghana film industry with their productions. For the most part, these criticisms are often directed at the dominant thematic concerns in Ghanaian film texts and their technicalities. This paper, however, did not focus on these textual criticisms, but rather sought to interrogate the extent to which individual filmmakers and their “amateur” productions have shaped the film industry of Ghana over the years. Significantly, there have been a considerable number of scholarly works on individual film productions in Ghana, however, these scholarly works have often overlooked or dismissed the contribution of individual film production to the Ghana film industry. This study privileged critical insights in individual film productions and how these productions have shaped the Ghana film industry over the years. This approach was to examine the complexities linked with Indigenous film productions and the Ghana film industry over the years. Interviews with film scholars, critics, industry players, and relevant historical documents have been engaged with significant critical literature in this area. While this paper did not lay claims to any exhaustive treatment of the subject of individual film productions and the Ghana film industry, it offered critical and initial inroads into that unexplored subject. Significantly, this is to elicit critical reflections, debates, and new interests rather than uncritical conclusions within the field of individual film productions in Ghana. This paper has concluded that individual film productions have sustained the film industry over the years in Ghana.
Keywords: Video Film, Individual Filmmakers, Ghana, Film Industry, Productions.
AUGUSTINE DANSO 61-70 Details (31)
Creating Pathways for Sustainable Economic Recovery of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Pasig City, Philippines amidst the COVID-19 Challenges
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are vital in strengthening local and national economies because they provide tax revenue, employment, and wealth generation. The objectives of this study were to look into mitigation and recovery strategies for MSMEs in Pasig City, Philippines. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this study assessed the current policies and programs for MSMEs in Pasig City. Based on a literature review, it explored fiscal, microfinance, and development initiatives as well as recovery possibilities for MSMEs. This study employed both quantitative and qualitative methods. Surveys with 379 MSMEs in Pasig City, Philippines, were collected as primary data. The findings showed that Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Pasig City need more financial support, microfinance measures, and development strategies to overcome COVID-19 difficulties. This report suggested policies and strategies for business recovery aimed at helping MSMEs.
Keywords: MSMEs, Fiscal, Microfinance, Development Strategies, COVID-19 Challenges, Local Government Initiatives, Digitalization, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Credit Support, Liquidity.
APPLE KATE S. SABAR 71-82 Details (53)

World Cup in Qatar as a Sports Diplomacy Instrument

The first FIFA World Cup to be held in the Middle East and in Qatar is considered as a chance to advance intercultural understanding, foster conversation between locals and visitors from around the globe, advance knowledge of the local culture, and make themselves known to the outside world. Qatar has likewise prioritized sustainable development since 2008. In addition to constructing state-of-the-art stadiums, Qatar has been preparing for the event as a catalyst for long-lasting, sustainable development. The Qatar National Vision 2030 and National Development Strategy, which outline long-term outcomes to Qatar's vision of sustainability under four main pillars: human development, social development, environmental development, and economic development, are intended to help Qatar achieve its development goals. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will help Qatar achieve these goals. The tournament's hosting by Qatar presents possibilities for a long-lasting legacy for Qatar, the Middle East, Asia, and the rest of the world. In this study, 193 tweets with the hashtags "Qatar2022" and "SeeYouInQatar" and videos posted on the official Twitter account for the Qatar FIFA World Cup (Road to 2022 @roadto2022en) between 07.12.2020 and 13.04.2022, were subjected to semiotic analysis using five videos that received the most likes.
Keywords: Sports Diplomacy, Word Cup, Sustainable Development, Sustainability.
MELTEM OZEL 83-91 Details (44)

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