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Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Saturday, January 09, 2021
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Academy of IRMBR Volume  1, July, 2013
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Issues, Causes and Consequences With Customer Loyalty, A case study of mobile Handset industry Peshawar, Pakistan.
Customer loyalty is always the first focus of the company while lunching a new product in the market. The main objective of our study is to explain the key issue which effect customer loyalty globally in general and particular in Peshawar, KPK, and Pakistan. This research identify the correlation between the factors that we have identified and customer loyalty through hypothesis testing. We used 120 respondent for collecting the data for our study. The data was taken with the help of questionnaire which includes 9 variables and 27 questions and further more each variable includes 3 questions. The data was processed through SPSS. The result of this study shows positive relationship among the customer satisfaction, brand image, customer relationship, trustworthiness, product price, product quality, innovation, after sale services and customer loyalty. Our study conclude that long term business growth and sustainable success is influenced by customer loyalty. but the factors that we have selected for our study has significant relationship with customer loyalty. Our study suggests that the ‘customer is always right’ is golden principle to get customer loyalty.
Key words: Brand image, Customer satisfaction, trustworthiness, product price, product quality, innovation, after sale services, customer loyalty, multiple regression.
An Analysis of Developing Strategies for the Industrial Clusters. Case Study of Liaoning Province in P.R. China
Industrial cluster is an industrial organization mode formed from many enterprises and interrelated institutions with a certain geographic concentration. It is an effective way for the development of regional economy, and featured with agglomeration, symbiosis, flexibility, embeddings, etc. This paper first analyzes industrial clusters’ development and issues in Liaoning province, and then discusses the strategies of developing industrial clusters, such as implementation of the "innovation-driven" strategy, cultivate new industries and develop emerging markets, promoting ecological industrial clusters, etc.
Keywords: Industrial cluster; Innovation-driven; Industrial chain; Eco-industrial cluster
HAIJUN MAO, JINGFU GUO and HONG YU 11-16 Download(425)

Globalization and Trade Unions Challenges: Nigerian Manufacturing Sector Experience.

Today, the globalization of the world market has brought about several competitions on local companies which invariably have an adverse effect on trade union density due to unfavourable macro-economic policies used for the promulgation of globalization. The movement from Social regulation to Labour Market Control, created this competition all in the name of productivity enhancement and efficiency creation. The study examines the challenges brought by globalization and all what accompany the concept while the role of Trade Unions was also measured to overcome the flexibility brought by globalization. The study uses secondary information with discourse analysis of existing literatures on the subject matter to have a position. It was revealed that globalization created more vacuums than integration among Workers of the North and South due to competition postulated by globalization. Study of this nature becomes significant to the Nigeria government to rethink and have a second thought on globalization before its continual adoption while trade union leaders have to revitalize their strategies in order to swim alone with globalization thus membership density will keep declining.
Keywords: Globalization, Trade Unions, Manufacturing Sector, Flexibility and Competitions.

The Analysis of Customer’sRecognition of Electronic Banking Services In Order To Banks Success.

Today, the financial services industry is changing in the world new technologies, has changed methods provide financial services to customers in many organizations. One of the greatest opportunities and challenges of today's organizations is use of web-based technologies. Internet as a new channel for financial transactions, have been provided new sources of income and opportunities to organizations. With the development of electronic systems such as internet, financial and banking institutions have been affected; World Wide Web has mainly changed clients' expectations on speed, accuracy, cost, and services and the availability ease and speed of service delivery creates a competitive advantage for organizations such as banks Businesses are forced to compete in this complex environment and give customers newest and most attractive services that they demand it. Bank customers can accomplish the banking operations in their favorite time and space using e-banking services, and banks also benefit from lower operating costs due to the reduce the number of branches and the employees. Since success or failure of e-banking directly affected by welcoming of staff and banks customers of the system, the impact of knowledge on the employees and customers of e-banking services on the competitive advantage of banks has been studied in this research.
Keywords: Services, electronic banking services, customers, banks.

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