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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Recruitment of Reviewers. Reviewers name and affiliation will be listed on the journals webpage.
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
IRSS Volume 6, Issue 12 has been published.
Tuesday, November 20, 2018
IRSS Volume 7 Issue 1 will publish at the end of December 2018.

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Academy of IRMBR Volume  6, May, 2018
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Parish Immersion as Religious Education Service-Learning Experience in a Philippine Catholic University

Effective learning comes from experiential education that allows students to progress from experience, reflection, conceptualization to the application. This concept is anchored in the Kolbian Experiential Learning Theory which states that students can acquire and enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes from their engagement in activities outside of the classroom or school. Using a descriptive-comparative research design, this paper examined the level of engagement and performance of college students in the parish immersion and the lessons they gained from the services they had rendered. The study covered 300 college students from a Catholic university in the Philippines, and the data were collected using self-administered questionnaires. These were distributed to and accomplished by students and their respective parish immersion coordinators who assessed their performance. The significant findings of the study reveal that the students demonstrated a very high level of engagement and overall performance of their assigned tasks or activities. In fact, no significant difference was noted in the self-assessment of the level of engagement and performance of students compared with the assessment of their parish immersion coordinators. The parish immersion of students revolved around religious, educational, social and environmental activities. The lessons they learned were aligned with the core values of the immersion program such as spirituality, service, community life, moral integrity, and education. The findings were utilized in the enhancement of the parish immersion program of the university. Keywords: Catholic University, Education, Parish Immersion, Religious Education, Service-Learning, Student Engagement.

The Saudi Arabian Banking Competition and Financial Stability: Evidence through the Market Power Paradigm

The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between the triangle market power, income diversification and banking stability. To this end, we examine a sample of 23 Saudi Arabian banks during the 1999-2015 period. We developed a simultaneous equations model using the Seemingly Unrelated Regressions (SUR) method. Using three different measures of market power, namely the conventional Lerner index, the adjusted Lerner index and the efficiency adjusted Lerner index, the results on the relationship between market power and banking stability support the "competition-stability" hypothesis. Moreover, the results indicate that, despite low-income diversification, competition is putting pressure on banks to diversify their incomes. Finally, the results proved that income diversification through commissions is a way through which competition seeks to reduce banking instability. Keywords: Market Power, Income diversification, Bank Stability, Saudi Arabia.

Sustainable Environment and Quality of Life in Coastal Urban Area of Vouliagmeni in Attica Region, Greece

Coastal urban areas face a number of environmental problems. They have implemented policies for solving these problems, which aimed at sustainable development and the general quality of life of residents. In the context of sustainable development of urban centers, the European Policy has exercised great influence through European projects and other actions. This research refers to the coastal urban area of Vouliagmeni in Attica region. Specifically, companies, tourism development, projects and actions that have been carried out for the sustainable development of the area as well as the measures of environmental protection are investigated. To conduct this study a method of personal interviews with the local authorities and an in situ research took place. The results showed that Vouliagmeni has considerable natural resources as well as a number of economic and environmental problems. As a result, the natural resources threatened by degradation. The major economic problems that the country has faced over the past few years, have affected to some extent the projects and actions of local authorities, which aimed at the coastal area management, at further development and general protection. The adjustment of the local community to new economic situation is necessary to ensure the sustainable development of the area. Keywords: Sustainable Development, Quality of Life, Environmental Management, Coastal Urban Area, Vouliagmeni.
I am a Teenager and a Mother: Experiences in the City of Campeche, Mexico.
The following investigation has as purpose to know the situations in which young adolescents of the city of Campeche, Mexico in situation of pregnancy and maternity face. The realization of this research was obtained from the perspective of the adolescent mothers in which we will be able to know how they have endured this process from the fact of being pregnant and being mothers, the reaction of the couple, the family, classmates, the society, among others. This was obtained through a semi-structured interview to the students of middle level education. The data were analyzed under a phenomenological qualitative approach, analysis categories were created by methodological triangulation (Pérez, 2000). The findings describe experiences around the family, the couple and the social challenges that adolescents experience. Keywords: Teenage Pregnancy, Will, Responsibility, Youth and Reproductive Sexual Health.

Government Communications in the Management of the Sea National Park of Kepulauan Seribu Region

Government communication is a rare study conducted in the study of communication in general and specific in Indonesia. The study describes the communications performed by government agencies as stakeholders in the process of conservation area management, how a development program addressed to the community can be managed and communicated well by the government agencies involved in the program to targeted community groups. The study aims to analyze the communication between government agencies to be stakeholders in executing their authority as managers and guardians of nature conservation in Kepulauan Seribu National Park (TNKpS) and how they communicate to fishermen as the target group of the program. The government agencies in question are the National Park Authority of Kepulauan Seribu (BTNKpS), the District Government of Kepulauan Seribu, the Food Security, Maritime and Agriculture (KPKP), the Office of Tourism and Culture, the Environment and Cleanliness Unit (LHK). As a comparison, interviews with NGOs, fishermen and tourism businesses are also conducted. Concepts and theories about government communication and environmental communication are used to analyze the communication process. The results showed that there is a communication between government agencies in managing the environment and conservation areas, communication between agencies in the ranks of district governments under the coordination of the Government of Kepulauan Seribu District Administration and routinely held a meeting of leaders every Monday, TNKpS office as the central government is also invited and involved . There is still overlapping of perception on fishermen between TNKpS office and Sub-dept. Of KPKP, the most protested agency with action is KPKP because it is a direct institution with fishermen and because the policy of Ministry of Aquaculture and Fishery (KKP) is considered a lot of harvest fishermen, zoning policy is not cause of the problems for now. Keywords: Conservation, Environmental Communication, Government Communication, National Park, Stakeholders.

Impact of Terrorism on Foreign Direct Investment Trends of SAARC Nations

The current state of terrorism has posed serious challenges to stability of macroeconomic environment causing the displacement of foreign direct investment (FDI). This study aims to find the impact of terrorism along with other important location variables such as market size, economic growth, exchange rate, infrastructure and trade openness on FDI inflows in five SAARC member nations, namely, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Utilizing a panel econometric estimation model on annual data from 2013-2017 the results of the study showed a significant positive impact of market size, trade openness, infrastructure availability and economic growth on inward FDI in these SAARC countries. Whereas exchange rate volatility exhibited a negative relationship with FDI inflows. The results revealed that terrorism has statistically significant and negative rapport with FDI inflows. This empirically establishes the fact that terrorism is a serious threat to FDI and economic growth for the economies in this region. Keywords: FDI, Terrorism, Infrastructure, Market Size, Macroeconomic Stability, Economic Development.
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